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RADON data types

The basic data types (also called value types) existing in RADON are modelled to resemble those of most typed programming languages:

  • Boolean
  • Integer
  • Float
  • String

Additionaly, there exist six complex data types or structure types:

  • Array<T>
  • Map<T>
  • Mixed
  • Null
  • Result<T>

Each of these nine types and their available operators are explained below.

Reading data types documentation

Operators for each of the data types in this documentation are specified as:

// TypeScript-alike function signature
nameOfTheMethod(argument: TypeOfArgument): ReturnTypeOfMethod
// Actual usage in RADON
OPERATORNAME // Operators without arguments, aka "simple calls"
[ OPERATORNAME, argument ] // Operators with arguments, aka "compound calls"


All across this documentation, unquoted uppercase names like STRING_PARSEJSON identify different operators and constants that equate to a single byte when encoded.

A list of constants can be found in the Contants section.