Compile witnet-rust from Source Code

Install compilation dependencies


witnet-rust is being developed using the Rust programming language. You need to install Rust on your system to be able to compile the source code. Follow installation instructions for your operating system provided on

Compilation dependencies

GNU/Linux (apt)
Mac OS
apt install -y clang git libssl-dev protobuf-compiler librocksdb-dev pkg-config
xcode-select --install
brew install git openssl protobuf rocksdb

Clone source code from Witnet GitHub repository

GitHub CLI
git clone
cd witnet-rust
git clone [email protected]:witnet/witnet-rust.git
cd witnet-rust
gh repo clone witnet/witnet-rust
cd witnet-rust

Get the latest genesis_block.json

curl -o genesis_block.json

Compile and run with cargo

By default, this line will run a Witnet node and connect to the Testnet using the default configuration:
cargo run node server
For more witnet-rust commands you can read the witnet-rust CLI documentation.

Building a release

This one-liner will build a releasable standalone binary compatible with the architecture of your computer's processor:
cargo build --release
The resulting binary will be located at ./target/release/witnet.
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