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Witnet-rust is an open-source implementation of the Witnet protocol written in Rust.

The Witnet protocol, as outlined by the Witnet Whitepaper, allows a network of computers to act as a "decentralized oracle" that retrieves, attests and delivers information to smart contracts in a tamper-resistant way.

This Decentralized Oracle Network (DON) maintains and distributes a block chain data structure that serves as a common ledger for the operation of the protocol as well as for the wit token, which is central for incentivizing the network players to abide by the protocol and make them liable for any misbehavior.

Active network participants earn wit tokens for fulfilling the data retrieval, attestation and delivery tasks coming from different smart contract platforms such as Ethereum.

Witnet-rust is the first open-source implementation of the Witnet protocol and leverages the Rust programming language to achieve utmost speed, memory safety and fearless concurrency without compromising on performance.


See "Why Rust?" for a more technical overview on why we chose Rust.

Get started


Witnet-rust is an open-source native app providing "full node" functionality of the Witnet Decentralized Oracle Network protocol. It is available under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

We have installation guides for several operating systems:


Witnet-rust is an ambitious effort in its early days. We are currently working towards launching our first testnet.

As you can guess from our datailed roadmap and GitHub issues, there are still a lot of missing features (and a whole lot more that would be nice to have yet not critical for our testnet launch).


See the contributing guide to get more information on how to contribute to Rust-witnet development, and the roadmap to find out what features are coming soon.