🚀Quick Tutorials

Here you can find straight-to-the-point tutorials on how to start using the Witnet oracle and other relevant topics like operating Witnet nodes and mining Wit tokens.

Data Feeds Tutorial

The Data Feeds tutorial gives a quick overlook on what are data feeds, how the Witnet data feeds work, and how to start using them with only a few lines of Solidity:

📈Price Feeds

Randomness Tutorial

The Randomness tutorial introduces the concept of randomness sources, how the Witnet randomness source work, and how to start generating random numbers with only a few lines of Solidity:


APIs and HTTP GET/POST Tutorial

The APIs and HTTP GET/POST tutorial is a quick introduction to how totally custom data requests can be built with Witnet to use any arbitrary HTTP(S) API as a data source for your smart contracts:


Mining Wit Tutorial

The Mining Wit tutorial teaches how to easily participate in the mining of the Wit token by running a Witnet witnessing node on Docker:

⛏️Mining Wit

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