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Exception handling

When a call in a RADON script causes a runtime exception, the script execution flow is immediately stopped. But do not panic: this will not cause the entire data request to fail. RADON has a solid strategy for recovering from those situations.

Exceptions generated in a certain stage in the data request life cycle do progress to the next stage wrapped in a Result<V> with an Err value.

This provides a type safe API for handling success and errors in a uniform way, and gives the developer the choice to recover from exceptions as appropriate for the use case (dropping errors, mapping them into default values, etc.)

Err values can not be inspected inside the context of RADON, but as soon as they are reported to the outside or to other network through a bridge, they turn into a convenient structure like this:

  code: -1,                     // RADON error code
  stage: STAGE_RETRIEVAL,       // Stage in which the exception happened
  callIndex: 2,                 // Position of the failed call inside the script
  callOperator: OP_ARRAY_GET,   // Code of the operator in the failed call 
  callArguments: [ 7 ],         // Arguments in the failed call

Error codes and user-friendly messages for all of them are defined under the Constants section.