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Custom TOML configuration file

A custom witnet.toml file can be used to configure parameters of the node. In order for the node to be able to read this file, it should exist in the current working directory where the node is run. Another way is to just tell the node where the config file resides using a command line option. See the CLI reference for more info.

TOML file example

[connections] # section for connections-related params
server_addr = ""
inbound_limit = 128
outbound_limit = 1
known_peers = [""]
bootstrap_peers_period_seconds = 30
storage_peers_period_seconds = 30
handshake_timeout_seconds = 5

[storage] # section for storage-related params
db_path = ".wit"

[consensus_constants] # consensus-critical constants
checkpoint_zero_timestamp = 1548855420
checkpoints_period_seconds = 90

[jsonrpc] # section for params related to JSON-RPC API
enabled = true
server_address = ""

[mining] # mining-related params
enabled = true

# ... more options

Configuration params

Section Param Default Value Description
connections server_addr "" Server socket address to which it should bind to
connections inbound_limit 128 Maximum number of concurrent connections the server should accept
connections outbound_limit 8 Maximum number of opened connections to other peers this node has
connections known_peers [""] Other peer addresses this node knows about at start
connections bootstrap_peers_period_seconds 5 Period of the outbound peer bootstrapping process (in seconds)
connections discovery_peers_period_seconds 5 Period of the outbound peer discovery process (in seconds)
connections handshake_timeout_seconds 5 Timeout for the handshake process (in seconds)
connections blocks_timeout_secconds 400 Number of seconds before giving up waiting for requested blocks
storage db_path ".witnet-rust-testnet-3" Directory containing the database files
storage peers_period_seconds 30 Period of the known peers backup into storage process (in seconds)
consensus_constants activity_period 40 Number of recent epochs to comput for witness activity metric
consensus_constants checkpoint_zero_timestamp 1559347200 Timestamp at checkpoint 0 (the start of epoch 0)
consensus_constants checkpoints_period_seconds 90 Seconds between the start of an epoch and the start of the next one
consensus_constants max_block_weight 10000 Maximum size for each block in the chain
consensus_constants reputation_issuance 1 How many reputation points to issue per each witnessing act
consensus_constants reputation_issuance_stop 1048576 Number of witnessing acts before reputation issuance halts
consensus_constants reputation_expire_alpha_diff 20000 Number of witnessing acts before a reputation point expires
consensus_constants reputation_penalization_factor |0.5` Fraction of reputation lost by witnesses being out of consensus
jsonrpc enabled true Enable JSON-RPC server
jsonrpc server_address "" JSON-RPC server socket address
mining enabled true Enable MiningManager

These are the defaults for testnet-3. See environment for the specific values for all the environments.

The parameters in the [consensus_constants] section are ignored when the environment is set to mainnet.