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Running a Node in the Witnet Testnet

The Witnet testnet is open for anyone to join and test it by running their own full node. Running a node on the Witnet mainnet is not possible before the mainnet is released. Check out the roadmap and save the dates!

You do not need to run a Witnet node to use Witnet from your Ethereum smart contracts. If you are a smart contracts developer, what you probably want is to connect your Ethereum contracts to external APIs using Witnet.

Using Docker

The most convenient method for running a Witnet node is through the witnet/witnet-rust Docker image.

This docker image downloads and runs a witnet-rust node in the latest testnet in just a matter on seconds.

If that's exactly what you want, you can just run this and enjoy:

docker run -it witnet/witnet-rust latest node server

How to enable persistence

Be careful though, as running the image without mounting any volumes may cause total loss of data (including private keys and thus any mined wits). Luckily, enabling persistence is super easy:

docker run \
    -v ~/.witnet-rust-testnet-4:/.witnet-rust-testnet-4 \
    -it witnet/witnet-rust latest node server

How to run specific releases

Specific versions or releases can be simply run form the the same image:

docker run \
    -v ~/.witnet-rust-testnet-4:/.witnet-rust-testnet-4 \
    -it witnet/witnet-rust 0.3.2 node server

How to execute CLI commands on the running node

First you need to get the CONTAINER ID or NAME of the running node with:

docker ps

Then, you can run CLI commands on the running node with this simple one-liner. In this example, it will show the latest blocks in the chain:

docker exec -i <container_id> ./witnet node blockchain

Debug mode

Debug mode shows more info on what is happening under the hood. It is activated with the --debug flag in the right place:

docker run -it witnet/witnet-rust latest --debug node server

Passing the RUST_LOG=witnet=debug environment flag does the same:

docker run \
    -e RUST_LOG=witnet=debug \
    -it witnet/witnet-rust latest node server