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Witnet-rust Development Roadmap

Witnet is an open initiative and Witnet-rust is and an open source project that will be developed by Witnet Foundation in collaboration with a number of other organizations and independent developers. This means that Witnet Foundation can't set the roadmap unilaterally.

However, Witnet Foundation has a strong commitment to ensure the following milestones are met:

  • September 2018: a user-facing demo/prototype that will let users explore the potential of the protocol being built. Done! Sheikah desktop client is already out!
  • 2019 Q1 testnet-1: a functional test network implementing the essential features of the Witnet protocol. Done! testnet-1 is already out!
  • 2019 Q3: bridge node software for Ethereum.
  • 2019 Q4: mainnet release.

Given the experimental nature of the technologies and network protocols under development, these dates and deliverables may be subject to change due to reasons beyond the control of Witnet Foundation.