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Signatures are a tagged union of the supported cryptosystems:

Kind Description
Secp256k1Signature ECDSA over secp256k1

Keyed signatures augment the previous format by adding a field for the public key that was used for producing the signature:

Field Type Description
signature Signature A variable-length digital signature
public_key bytes The public key matching the private key used for producing the signature


Currently supported cryptosystems within the Witnet network protocol:

Cryptosystem Signature size Public key size
None 0 bytes 0 bytes
ECDSA over secp256k1 65 bytes 33 bytes


ECDSA signatures over the secp256k1 curve consist of:

Field Type Description
r bytes The signature value R (32 bytes)
s bytes The signature value S (33 bytes)

ECDSA public keys must always use compression and thus their length is 33 bytes.