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Constant values are immutable within Witnet protocol versions. A change in the constants necessarily requires a new protocol version.

Witnet versions

Witnet network protocol versions, defined as u32, are listed below:

Version Initial Release Major Changes
010 To be determined

Magic numbers

These constant values indicate the originating network in the message headers:

Magic number Network
0x00 mainnet
0xF1 testnet-1

Node capabilities

Node capabilities are defined as 64 bits sequences of masked flags, so that nodes may advertise which subset of services they are supporting. Currently, only one node capability is specified in the Witnet network protocol.

Flag Name Description
0x0000000000000001 NODE_NETWORK Witnet full node which is the default operation mode

User agents

List of known user agents. Currently, only 1 user agent is being implemented:

User Agent Description
/Witnet-rust:0.1.0 Witnet node implemented in Rust and version 0.1.0