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Result<T> type

Result<T> is one of the RADON complex data types. It can be thought as an Array<T> that can only contain zero or one item of type T. In that sense, it is somehow similar to the Option<T> type found in other programming languages.


get<T>(): T
The get operator unwraps the input Result<T>. That is, it returns its contained value assuming the Result<T> is positive (Ok<T>).

This operator can throw a runtime exception if the input Result<T> is not positive (Ok<T>) but negative (Err). Exceptions are handled as specified in the [Exception handling] section.


getOr<T>(default: T): T
The getOr operator returns the T value enclosed in the input Result<T> if it is positive (Ok<T>). It returns the supplied default: T value otherwise.


isOk(): Boolean
The isOk operator returns true as Boolean if the input Result<T> is positive (Ok<T>). It returns false as Boolean otherwise.

Checking if a Result is negative (Err) is not an elementary operator in RADON. It is instead achieved by composing the isOk and negation (neg) operators.