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Predefined functions

Filtering functions

  • gt: must be greater than the provided value.
  • lt: must be less than the provided value.
  • eq: must equal the provided value.
  • dev-$type: must not deviate from the average. This has three subtypes:
    • dev-abs: must not deviate from the average more than the provided absolute value.
    • dev-rel: must not deviate from the average more than the provided relative value (e.g.: 0.5 is 50%).
    • dev-std: must not deviate from the average more than value times the standard deviation of the values in the Array, where value is typically a Float between 1 (picky) and 3 (relaxed).
  • top: must be amongst the value highest values in the Array.
  • bottom: must be amongst the value lowest values in the Array.
  • not-$function: applies the opposite of any of the previous functions (e.g.: not-lt equates to "greater or equal than").

The implicit signature for all of the filtering functions is:

(value: T): Boolean

Some filtering functions that compare individual values to the values in the Array are pointless if used along the some operator as they will make it return False every time. These include:

  • top
  • bottom

Reducing functions

Hash functions

  • BLAKE family:
    • blake-256
    • blake-512
    • blake2s-256
    • blake2b-512
  • MD5: md5-128
  • RIPEMD family:
    • ripemd-128
    • ripemd-160
    • ripemd-320
  • SHA1: sha1-160
  • SHA2 family:
    • sha2-224
    • sha2-256
    • sha2-384
    • sha2-512
  • SHA3 family:
    • sha3-224
    • sha3-256
    • sha3-384
    • sha3-512
  • Whirlpool: whirlpool-512

Safety of deprecated hash functions

The md5-128 and sha1-160 hash functions are provided solely for the sake of backward compatibility with legacy software and systems. Depending on the use case, they may not live up to minimum acceptable security standards. Please refrain from using those for new software and systems unless strictly necessary.