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Witnet Software ecosystem


Witnet-Rust is the first open-source implementation of the Witnet protocol and leverages the Rust programming language to achieve utmost speed, memory safety and fearless concurrency without compromising on performance.

Witnet-Rust is experimental software running on experimental network protocols:

  • All the main components are in place—but they need yet to be battle tested before mainnet.
  • Testnet-4 is live. Here's the roadmap and this is how to run a node.
  • The Witnet community is doing its best to make witnet-rust rock solid as soon as possible.
  • Contributions are more than welcome.


Sheikah is a Witnet-compatible desktop wallet, data requests and smart contracts development environment.

Ethereum Bridge

The Ethereum Bridge is the component in charge of relaying data requests from Ethereum into Witnet and then communicating the results back to the originating contracts.

The bridge is actually three different pieces of software:

  • The UsingWitnet Solidity contract that Ethereum developers can extend (contract MyContract is UsingWitnet { ... }).
  • The Witnet Bridge Interface (WBI): an Ethereum contract where data requests are publicly posted to.
  • The bridge component inside Witnet-Rust, which monitors the WBI for new requests and also scans