Community Roadmap

Witnet is an open initiative and Witnet-Rust and Sheikah are open source projects that are under development by an open community of organizations and independent developers. This means that no one can set the roadmap unilaterally.

During the pre-mainnet phase, a subsequent testnet release is expected every to months, and each of them is a hard fork and full reset of the chain:

  • [Testnet-1] Jan 2019: basic protocol capabilities
  • [Testnet-2] Mar 2019: security and scalability improvements
  • [Testnet-3] May 2019: algorithmic reputation system
  • [Testnet-4] Jul 2019: Ethereum bridge
  • [Testnet-5] Sep 2019: mainnet readiness

Given the experimental nature of the technologies and network protocols under development, these dates and deliverables may be subject to change due to reasons beyond the control of Witnet Foundation.