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Witnet Addresses on Conflux Network

Conflux smart contracts can send oracle queries (aka data requests) to the Witnet decentralized oracle using the witnet-ethereum-bridge Solidity library.

The most convenient way to use the witnet-ethereum-bridge library is through the Witnet Truffle Box, because it allows writing Witnet data requests using Javascript, which is automatically compiled to Witnet byte code and then wrapped in a Solidity contract that you can easily import from your own contracts.

The Witnet Truffle Box also abstracts away the complexity of having to instantiate or link the Witnet contracts listed here.

These addresses are provided for reference, just in case someone prefers not to use the Witnet Truffle Box and rather talk to the Witnet Request Board and other contracts directly using the interfaces in witnet-ethereum-bridge.

Conflux Mainnet - Tethys

Witnet is not live yet on Conflux mainnet, but will be deployed soon. Stay tuned!

Conflux Testnet

Main contracts

Public price feeds